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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 17, 2015, 5:16 PM
Tagged by :iconjulinmint:


1. Pick 6 characters in any order
2. Don't change the questions
3. Please don't look at the questions while picking characters, it's more fun if you don't!
4. Tag 2-5 people to do the meme (if you want)
5. Have fun!



1. Nexious
2. Charles
3. Elfi
4. Elodie
5. Yxanaia
6. Rail

1. [5- Yxanaia] is deeply missing someone. Who is it and why are they so important?  

"...Someone I am missing. He is no longer apart of my life, but he did pay a very important role. He helped me grow, and because of him, my village and my family are safe..."

2. Who could make [1- Nexious] do anything for them if they asked? (Does not have to be your OC)
"Do you want to know the absolute truth?" Nexious's lip turned up in a scowl, her arms crossing over her chest. "No one. I care deeply for Exodus, but I am no longer anyone's play thing. I once did everything demanded of me by someone in charge...someone I admired and looked up to. But no more."

3. Would [6-Rail] have the guts to kill [2-Charles]? Explain your answer. 

Rail: "Well of course. I am a reaper, and if it is his time, then it is his time." 

4. A science experiment goes terribly wrong and [1- Nexious] gets 24 hours approximately left to live. What will [1- Nexious] do?

In one days time, she would spend it all with Exodus. She wold lay with him, and towards the very end of her day, she would inform him and her rooks, alongside her king, on what to do in her place, to ensure the safety of their members.

5. [3- Elfi]'s  birthday had come up and [4- Elodie] gave [3- Elfi] a gift. But, turns out [3- Elfi] hates it. What will happen next?

Elfi: "I would never hate anything given to me by my wondrous friend!" -hugs onto Elodie- 

6. What will [5-Yxanaia] become when she grows up? Any achievements [5-Yxanaia] is planning to achieve?

"....but I am already an adult."

7. [6-Rail] going out shopping with [2- Charles] and they offer to buy [6- Rail] something. What is it?

Rail: "You need a hoodie. I think it will tie in your goth look."
Charles: "...b..but I'm not trying to look goth? D:"

8. [4-Elodie] is extremely close friends with [3-Elfi]; is anyone jealous?

Elodie: "Not at all. Its expected that we would be close friends after all we'd done together."
Elfi: "Ja! She and I are meant to be bestest friends <3"

9. [4-Elodie] and [1- Nexious] are on a boat and [1- Nexious] decides to go swimming. Yet something caught [1- Nexious] and now she is starting to drown! [4- Elodie] is in the boat, but does [4- Elodie] help [1- Nexious]?

Of course! Elodie isn't heartless and will help out anyone when she can.

10. [2- Charles] and [5- Yxanaia] are in the same room, with the lights off. [1- Nexious] walks in. What is their reaction?

Nexious: " had better be using protection."
Charles: "hey I'm smarter than that!" -is offended-
Yxanaia: ///////// -is a lil embarrassed plz-

12. [1- Nexious] is on a hike with [5- Yxanaia] and [5- Yxanaia] faints! What will [1- Nexious] do?

Nexious would, of course, portal them back to the castle medical ward immediately, and make sure she got the attention she needed.

13. Movie night with [2- Charles] and [3- Elfi]. [3- Elfi] makes [2- Charles] watch porn with them. Reactions?

Elfi: " appears this was not the animation I rented.."
Charles: "And I am a-okay with that~" -GRIN-

14. Would [6- Rail] repeat their life if they could? Why or why not?

Rail: "The only reason I would repeat it would be to make the decision to ask Val out sooner rather than after we had both left the school. She is my moon and stars, and I don't know what I would do without her."

15. Who would get into trouble faster, [2- Charles] or [4- Elodie]?

16. [1- Nexious], I dare you to go find [5- Yxanaia]’s weak point.

Nexious: "Too easy." -grabs Yxanaia at the base of her tale, causing a yelp and a red face from Yxanaia-

17. Who's the party animal between [1- Nexious], [3- Elfi] and [4- Elodie]?

Probably Elfi since she goes to balls and the likes more often than note, and once she starts drinking, thats it.

18. [5- Yxanaia] wakes up one morning with blood all over their face. [3- Elfi] slept over and is no where to be found! [5- Yxanaia] goes down stairs and sees [3- Elfi]. What was the story? (Let [3-Elfi] explain)
Because of a thunderstorm that had occurred over the course of the night, Elfi had become quite the terrified chinchilla. In her fit of trying to avoid the storm, she lost control of herself and transformed into her demonic form, fleeing and killing animals in the woods, only to come back and hide in the room, bringing in the blood with her. Unsuccessful, she eventually finds herself downstairs and passes out in a pool of the blood.

19. [4- Elodie], from 1-10, how good looking would you rate yourself?

Elodie: That's kind of embarrassing...I...I think I'd rate myself...maybe a 4 or a 5? -flushes, tugging at her ears-

20. What's your favorite thing about the opposite gender, [5- Yxanaia]?

Yxanaia: .....I would say their strength. I enjoy when a man can pick me up and spin me around, making me feel as light as air.

21. In your opinion, [6- Rail], what's the worst thing about the opposite gender?

Rail: Nothing.

22.[2- Charles] calls [5- Yxanaia] over for an "emergency". [5- Yxanaia] rushes over and [2- Charles] tells [5- Yxanaia] to entertain them. How does [5- Yxanaia] respond?

Yxanaia: .......-freezes Charles in ice-

23. Is there anyone who you think about, [6- Rail], when you hear the word bed?

Rail: Of course. My wife.

24. [6- Rail] would you marry your current significant other right now if they asked? If you don't have one, who from this meme would your marry right now?

Rail:.....I already am.

25. The meme is over! All of you relieved or happy? (Don't forget to tag if you want to!)

Charles: This wasn't as hard as I expected.
Nexious: I have work to do.
Yxanaia: .......-walks off-
Rail: I don't understand this.
Elfi: Ja! It was fun!
Elodie: -pats Elfi- It was indeed~


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