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December 2, 2011
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Nexious APP by EmpressOfDestruction Nexious APP by EmpressOfDestruction

Its January! This means its time for a character update! So enjoy the new Nexiiiiiii~ more intricate, and her hair is all done up~ c: also, this outfit should look familiar. I was so pleased with the steampunk outfit I designed, so I simply lessened the intricacy of it for her new outfit vuv ENJOY~


I felt like it needed an update, since Nexious here got a few updates since I drew this last...they were tiny updates, but still...and my art style increased, so why the hell not? C: Hope you all enjoyyyyy~


||Power <20> ||
||Dexterity <7> ||
||Toughness <18> ||
||Insight <10> ||
||Perception <3> ||
||Charm <6> ||
||Appearance <16> ||

||Element Control <9/10> ||
||Weapon Control <9/10> ||

:bulletblack:Element - Steel
After many years of honing her element, she is now able to not only control steel, but can summon it from anywhere around her and form it to her will. For the most part, she will use it to increase her weapons size, but rarely will use it on her own person in order to use as offense or defense.

:bulletblack:Weapon - Double Sided Mallet
Her mallet is consisted of the single element she controls; Steel. Thanks to her control of this element, she not only wields this weapon with ease, but can make the metal plates that form the mallet part detach, separate, and form either spinning steel weapons, or shields.

The way she uses her element is through her weapon, mainly. She is able to wield the mallet with pure and simple ease. The steel plates that form the ends of the mallet are able to detach, separate, and become spinning bladed plates of death. This is her only option for long ranged attacks. Because of this, though, she can only focus on using the plates; she is unable to wield her mallet at the same time. However, the plates spin at such a high velocity that they can cut through cement (for the most part). If she is unable to reach (or summon) her weapon, she does have the option of summoning any steel within a certain ranged area to her aid, forming it around her limbs as weapons. She prefers this over forming a different weapon with whatever steel she may obtain, for it is far more complicated to keep it in that shape.

Just as the metal plates can be used for offensive purposes, she can also use them as a defense option. When the plates detach, they can form infront of her and shield her from any blast or attack, but because of this, her vision is lacking. If someone is able to sneak around, she would not be able to see it. Along with that, the steel she may summon can protect whatever body parts it is covering from almost all damage.

Nexious comes off almost immediately as cold, uncaring, and fierce. And that is how she intends for it to be. It is very rare to not see a scowl of some sorts on her face. To those who have known her long enough, she will show them the emotions she intends to hide, but it is still very rare none the less. Even so, she has done, and will do, anything and everything for her organization. For her members. If you show loyalty to her, she will defend you with her life. To be short, she comes off as a tyrant to those who join her organization, but, given time, she will show her true colors...somewhat.

Look here for her history: [link]


LE DONE~ :la:

Okay, I said in my journal, we've been upgrading the org repeatedly. One of the things that was recently done was a new application sheet~ :dummy: the old one was nice, but...honestly, I didn't do the best job with it. So :iconsunemperor: made a glorious, shiny new one~ : D and so I have done it >8D

Also, yes...this is Nexi's new outfit |D she needed a change, because she herself, personality wise, is severely changing. So I, in turn, gave her an outfit to suit her more...cold...attitude. To get a better idea of her whole outfit, heres a quick sketch I did: [link]
And yes, the back is an open back |D

I hope you guys like~ ; v ;


Art and Nexi(c)Me
App template(c):iconsunemperor:
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Xinorv: *AWE, suddenly thinks that being a masochist is not that bad*
EmpressOfDestruction Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Nexious: are you alright, Xinorv?
Xinorv: huu, huh?! You look dominant.. I mean!! uh.. my lady...
EmpressOfDestruction Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nexious: good. I am glad I look dominant *smirks as she pulls out a riding crop* I've been carrying this around with me lately~
Xinorv: *freezes* ....... *don't know how to react, face turns red*
EmpressOfDestruction Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nexious: *places the tip of the riding crop under his chin* what's wrong, sweetheart~?
Xinorv: *BLUSHES, speaks in gibberish really fast, trembling!*
EmpressOfDestruction Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nexious: *smirks with a really sadistic, twisted grin* oh my, Xinorv! What ever could be wrong! *forces his chin upwards* does the "cat" got your tongue~?
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PrecariousEmpath Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Koyaxa: Miss Nexious I just LOVE what you've done with your hair~! And that new corset of yours is just lovely--it suits you so well!
EmpressOfDestruction Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nexious: Thank you, Koyaxa. I have decided it was time for a change in outfit...and my hair was getting too long to manage, but I did not want to cut instead, I put it up.
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